SSC Short Syllabus 2022 PDF Download

The short Syllabus for the SSC 2022 is available here. Are you a candidate for the SSC exam in 2022? Yes! You must then follow the Short Syllabus 2022. You can download the SSC Syllabus for 2022 and Dakhil Syllabus for 2022 pdf files.
On May 27, the National Curriculum and Textbook Board published the SSC restructured syllabus 2022. However, the revised SSC short Syllabus 2022 was published on May 27th. This syllabus must be followed by all SSC 2022 applicants. It will then be easy to prepare for the SSC exam in a very short time using SSC Syllabus 222.

We have discussed the SSC new syllabus download. We also discussed how to prepare for the SSC exam 2022 using this brief syllabus.

SSC Syllabus 2022

SSC 2022 exam has published a revised syllabus covering 32 subjects. As we all know, academic activities are stopped for Covid-19 starting in march 2020. The Minister of Education had planned to take the SSC exam in 2022. Unfortunately, the time available for SSC exams is limited. She has therefore reduced the subject list and created a shorter syllabus.

Candidates can thus prepare for the exam quickly. The question is whether the SSC exam subjects should be reduced so that candidates can take only a few subjects or pass automatically. It is not acceptable to reduce the subject or the auto pass score for the SSC examination. A new syllabus for SSC has been created so students can learn quickly.

What is The Revised Short Syllabus of the SSC?

The short syllabus for SSC is already available. Is this really a short syllabus? We don’t know what this syllabus’ scope will be, nor if SSC candidates 2022 can complete it in the time allowed. We can see in the current syllabus that certain chapters have been left out. Each chapter also contains information about the learning outcomes. The important topics should be understood by students.

Group Wise SSC New Short Scheme

There are three groups of SSC candidate. Here are the short syllabuses for SSC Art, Science and Commerce 3. Some subjects are mandatory for all students in all groups. The rest of the topics are also different depending on the group division.

SSC Short Syllabus PDF Download

Already, we have linked SSC short syllabus pdf link to the individual subjects. You can either download the entire folder zip file, or individual files from drive. Get ready to study for the best SSC exam preparation.

Short Syllabus Subject-Wide SSC Syllabus

SSC covers many topics. We will now discuss short syllabus. Education Board Bangladesh recently published a short syllabus. If you are interested in the short syllabus for ssc 2022, please see the end of the post.

Agriculture / Krishi Shikkha Short Syllabus 2022

SSC candidates must take agricultural education as a compulsory subject. A total of 100 marks are required for agricultural education. Agriculture education is not difficult. Our country is an agricultural nation. We are very familiar with the basics of agricultural work. It is impossible to cover all of the lessons within a very short period of time.

Because it is impossible to carry out normal education activities because of special reasons. It is best to take the exam using a brief syllabus.

Art And Craft / Charu o Karu kola Short Syllabus 2022

All students must take art and craft as a mandatory subject. This subject has been covered in both theory and practical classes. Both written and practical classes were used to cover the syllabus for arts and crafts. The syllabus for SSC 2022 is very short. A short syllabus is essential for arts and crafts exam preparation.

SSC exams are very beneficial for arts and crafts subjects. It is a wise decision to choose a short syllabus for the SSC exam.

Bangla 1st Paper Short Syllabus 2022

Every year, the SSC examination begins with Bangla 1st Paper subject. Bangla 1st Paper has 100 marks, just like every other main subject. The result of the SSC examination could be poor if you ignore Bangla 1st Paper. One thing is certain: the Bengali 1st Paper has many chapters that combine stories and poems. It is not difficult to complete the syllabus for Bangla’s 1st paper.

There is very little time for the SSC exam. The Bangladesh Secondary Education Board decided to give the SSC exam a brief syllabus to help prepare. This decision will eliminate the uncertainty that SSC candidates would have to finish the Bangla 1st Paper syllabus. The short syllabus is more effective than the complete syllabus for SSC Exam 2022.

Bangla 2nd paper short syllabus 2022

Bangla 2nd Paper is a subject with a slightly different meaning. Bangla 2nd Paper is a good paper. The lessons in this subject are easy to learn and produce good results. Bangla’s 2nd paper is essential for the preparation for the SSC exam 2022.

There are many expressions, essays, translations, and other information. Bangla 2nd Paper. This cannot be done in a very short time. This is why it’s a good idea to prepare for the SSC exam using a short syllabus.

English 1st Paper Short Syllabus 2022

For English 1st, it is a good idea to study a brief syllabus for the SSC exam. Because English 1st and 2nd papers are very weak. If the SSC examination 2022 has a full syllabus, then this will make it easier. This will result in a decrease in English failures, a decrease of A+, and a worse original result.

These issues are considered and the SSC exam will be conducted in a short syllabus. This will make it easier for teachers to attend classes. Students will also have the chance to study for the SSC exam in 2022.

English 2nd Paper Short Syllabus 2022

You must study a lot if you want to score high marks on the English 2nd paper. English is not our native language. You must practice English 2nd paper a lot if you want good marks. However, the SSC exam is overdue.

It’s difficult to complete the English 2nd paper syllabus in such a short amount of time. If candidates study a brief syllabus, they will be able to take part in the exam with preparation. You can do more with this.

Mathematics / Ganit Short Syllabus 2022

For SSC candidates, mathematics is the most important subject. This subject is very important. Many students struggle with math because they don’t have enough practice. This is something you need to practice.

The SSC 2022 exam will have a shorter syllabus, which is good news for math subjects. It will also be impossible to score high marks in the SSC exam if it is not conducted using a short syllabus. It will be impossible to finish the mathematics syllabus within a short period of time.

Physics / padartho Biggan Short Syllabus 2022

A short syllabus will be a huge help to students. Physics is a difficult subject. There are many chapters that deal with complex mathematics and physics. Science students could suffer a lot on the SSC exams if the syllabus is too long.

All these factors being considered, the Bangladesh Department of Secondary Education decided to conduct the SSC 2022 exam using a brief syllabus.

Chemistry / Rashayon Short Syllabus 2022

Chemistry is one subject that students must study in the SSC exams. Students get good marks in science subjects. There are only a few days left to take the SSC exam in 2022. Candidates must prepare for the exam in this limited time.

Science students can benefit from a brief syllabus to help them prepare for the SSC exam. Candidates in Chemistry will need to study a brief syllabus to prepare for the exam. This will allow the examinees to prepare more efficiently for Chemistry in a shorter time.

jib Biggan Biology Short Syllabus 2022

Science students can get good marks in biology. Biology students always get good marks in biology. Now, however, SSC 2022 candidates are finding it difficult to prepare due to time constraints. It was decided that the SSC Exam 2022 will be conducted using a brief syllabus. This allows examiners to prepare well for the exam and achieve good results.

Geography / Vugol Short Syllabus 2022

Students of humanities can choose to study geography. These Initiatives were used to help complete the SSC Examination 2022. Students in the humanities will also get an extra benefit. There are also many chapters that focus on geography.

This cannot be done in a very short time. This is why we have created a brief syllabus. Candidates will be able to complete their Geography preparation. It can be stated that it was crucial to prepare for the SSC exam using a brief syllabus.

Bangladesh & world identity (Bisso Porichoy), Short Syllabus 2022

Candidates for SSC 2022 must-read Bangladesh and World Identity (Bangladesh O Bissoporichoy). This subject is mandatory and must be read by everyone. This subject offers many valuable lessons for the rest of the world. This is an important topic for examiners. It is easy to score high marks in this subject.

This year’s exam will only cover a brief syllabus. There is no need to be concerned about it. It is possible to score high marks in the SSC exam in this subject if you carefully read the new syllabus. If you want to score high marks in Bangladesh or World Identity (Bangladesh O Bissoporichoy), then it is worth reading the short syllabus. You can find the new syllabus for SSC Exam 2022 on our website.

Accounting / Hisab Biggan Short Syllabus 2022

Accounting Science students have been able to benefit from the new syllabus. The Bangladesh Education Board took the initiative to offer the SSC short syllabus exam. Accounting is a complex subject that requires a lot of studies. Accounting science is difficult to learn in a short amount of time.

Memorization is not an option. Students need to have a short syllabus. Students will find it helpful to prepare for exams. Due to the 2022 epidemic, it is impossible to complete the syllabus. Because classes aren’t completed properly. It will be easier for students to complete the syllabus.

Students will not be able complete the entire lesson if the exam is taken according to the full syllabus. The Bangladesh Education Board is currently considering the situation. They are willing to hold examinations through SSC. It is a great idea to have a short syllabus.

Saririk Sikkha Short Syllabus for Physical Education 2022

Although physical education isn’t very important for SSC applicants, it does have a special value. Physical education can help you get higher marks. Its numbers are related to the original result. Physical education is therefore important for good results.

SSC candidates will have less time to prepare for the exam due to the shorter syllabus. This allows you to spend more time on important matters. Students benefit from the short syllabus that is used to prepare for the SSC exam.

ICT Short Syllabus 2022

ICT is an obligatory subject for candidates for the SSC. ICT is an important subject in today’s world. Information technology controls everything. This issue should be of particular importance to students.

The new syllabus has simplified many chapters on ICT subjects. It was not easy to learn ICT quickly in the past. The new syllabus should be completed in the time allowed. Students will be better prepared for the SSC exams as a result.

Social Science Short Syllabus 2022

The 2022 SSC exam is currently the most discussed topic. Exams are a major headache for examiners. The Board of Education has created a short syllabus to make it easy for students. The short syllabus has allowed students to gain the greatest benefit in social sciences.

All examines were able to benefit from this initiative by the Bangladesh Board of Education in the wake of the disaster. This initiative is a highlight for the Bangladesh Board of Education.

Science Short Syllabus 2022

Science is the most popular subject in the humanities department. The humanities department students find science difficult. This is why the test results are often not as expected.

The SSC exam in 2022 will be a benefit for students in the humanities department. Students from the humanities department have been able to benefit from the Bangladesh Board of Education’s short syllabus initiative.

Itihas Short Syllabus 2022 – History

History is another topic that comes up in the humanities department. The humanities department requires students to put in a lot of effort to achieve the desired results. While one can have technical opinions on other topics, there is no historical place for technical views.

This is because students tend to forget the details of the syllabus. Students will still get the expected results in history and humanities due to the brief syllabus for the 2022 SSC exam. Due to the Karona epidemic, the Bangladesh Board of Education took this initiative in the 2022 SSC exam.

Islam and Moral Education Short Syllabus 2022

All students of Islam must be familiar with the subject of Islam and morality. This subject is well-known to all SSC candidates in Islam. However, it is important to read many chapters about this subject in preparation for the SSC exam 2022.

The HSC exam is now being administered using a shorter syllabus. Candidates will reap some of the benefits. This is because the exam will take only a few minutes and allows for complete preparation for Islam and moral education. The overall results of the examinations will therefore be excellent.

Higher Mathematics Short Syllabus 2022

Mathematics is an optional subject. This subject is usually studied by science students. This subject is difficult in higher mathematics subjects. Without proper practice, it is impossible to achieve high marks in this subject.

These chapters are difficult to complete in time for the SSC exam. The Bangladesh Education Board made a decision to make this difficult task for students easier. The syllabus for higher mathematics subjects has been reduced. Candidates will now be able to prepare for the SSC exam in 2022 in a very short amount of time.

Home Science Short Syllabus 2022

Most Home science subjects are for girls. This subject covers many aspects of the house. This subject is extremely helpful to improve the GPA in SSC exams. This is a brief syllabus for the SSC Exam 2022.

This is how the SSC examination will be conducted even in current circumstances. Students could not attend any class this year. Without any class, it is impossible to take the SSC exam as per the old syllabus. It is therefore timely to make the decision to take SSC examination 2022 using a brief syllabus.

SSC Change Short Syllabus 2022

The revised SSC short syllabus or new change has been published. This short syllabus PDF is available for download.


The SSC New Scheme 2022 has been published by DSHE, NCTB and Education Board. This is to help prepare for the SSC exam. We believe this Small SSC Syllabus will be completed in a short time. We wish you all the best for SSC Exam 2022 with the Short Syllabus.

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