Nupur Sharma comments against Prophet Muhammad | Suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma

Nupur Sharma comments against Prophet Muhammad. Nupur Sharma’s comments in a TV debate 10 days ago have upset Indian Muslims. The BJP Suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma from their party on Sunday. Naveen Kumar Jindal is the head of the party‚Äôs Delhi media unit. For sharing a screenshot of Jindal’s offensive remarks in a Twitter, she was also expelled.

The BJP stated that it is against any ideology that insults, despises or offends any religion or community and that it also “doesn’t promote such people or ideas”. Indian diplomats claim that the comments are not representative of the government’s position, and they are “views from desert elements” in an attempt to placate angry Islamic countries.

Nupur Sharma criticizes Prophet Muhammad

The BJP fired Nupur Sharma after she made comments about Nabi in a Sunday TV debate that drew criticism from many countries. To quell outrage at his comments, the party released a statement saying that it was against “any ideology that insults or degrades any community or religion” as well as “doesn’t promote such people or ideas.” Nupur Sharma is expected to be summoned by the Mumbai police to record her statement in a case against her.

Advertised as “An FIR or first information report has been filed against Nupur Sharma at Paidhoni Police Station.” Yesterday, Sanjay Pandey, Mumbai Police Commissioner, stated that she would call her to record her statements as per law. Legal process will be taken.” Ms Sharma has since apologized for the alleged insulting remarks she made against Prophet Muhammad. She stated that it was not her intention of hurting any religious feelings.

Maharashtra Police summons BJP’s Nupur Sharma

Delhi Police filed a complaint against Nupur Sharma, a suspended spokesperson for the BJP. She was being threatened with death for her remarks on the Prophet Muhammad. After her remarks on the Prophet Muhammad during a television show to Mrs. Sharma caused a row, and the BJP fired Sharma after she generated widespread reaction from Gulf countries. The unidentified individuals have been charged.

Yesterday, Ms. Sharma apologized on Twitter for her actions and stated that she did not intend to offend any religious feelings. She also stated that he was worried about his safety and asked for privacy from his family.

Nupur Sharma’s controversial comments on Prophet Muhammad

On Monday, June 6, 2002, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain joined the ranks of other Arab countries. To condemn the controversial comments made by Nupur Sharma, Bharatiya Janata Party leader (BJP), against the Prophet Muhammad. Saudi Arabia’s foreign ministry said that it rejected “permanent rejections of superstitions against Islamic symbols.”

Rejection of all religious symbols and figures. The foreign ministry of Bahrain has stressed the importance to respect all religious beliefs and symbols. Personality. However, both Gulf states welcomed the BJP’s decision not to fire their party spokespersons.

Remarks on Prophet Mohammad By BJP Leader Nupur Sharma

Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation have all issued statements to criticize the OIC. The Islamic world has condemned the remarks made by Nupur Sharma and Naveen Kum Jindal, leaders of BJP. India rejected the OIC’s comments as “unwelcomed and contradictory”. India has rejected the OIC’s comments as “unwelcome and contradictory”.

India’s response to Pakistan’s comments about Nupur Sharma

The 57-member OIC of Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), and the Prime Minister of Pakistan appease outrage in Islam, but it does not endanger the Islamic world. Shehbaz Sharif and the Prime Minister of Pakistan have clearly rejected India’s criticism. Arindam Bagchi, spokesperson for MEA, stated that India has “highest respect” for all religions. He also called the grouping statement “inspiring and misleading” and revealed its “divisive agenda”, which is “pursuing vested interest.” “The Government of India expressly rejects the narrow-minded and irrational remarks of the OIC Secretariat. Bagchi stated that the Government of India respects all religions.

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