I Pad Price In Bangladesh

The iPad is a popular device among Bangladeshis. However, the price of the iPad in Bangladesh is often a concern for buyers. There are a few things to consider when looking at the price of the iPad in Bangladesh.

The first is the exchange rate. The second is the cost of living in Bangladesh. The third is the availability of the iPad in Bangladesh.

The fourth is the warranty and support for the iPad in Bangladesh.

The iPad is a popular tablet device that is manufactured by Apple. It was first released in 2010 and has since seen several updates. The latest model is the iPad Pro, which was released in November 2015.

The iPad is available in a variety of sizes and price points. The entry-level model is the iPad mini, which has a 7.9-inch screen and starts at $399. The iPad Air is the next step up, with a 9.7-inch screen and a starting price of $499.

The iPad Pro is the largest and most expensive model, with a 12.9-inch screen and a starting price of $799. In Bangladesh, the iPad mini is the most popular model. It is available for around 35,000 taka, which is equivalent to $429.

The iPad Air is also available, but it is less popular due to its higher price point. The iPad Pro is not yet available in Bangladesh.

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What is the lowest price of iPad?

There is no definitive answer to this question as prices can vary depending on a number of factors, such as where you are buying the iPad from, what model of iPad you are looking at, and whether or not any special offers or discounts are available. However, as a general guide, the lowest price you are likely to find for a new iPad is around $499 for the base model. This price may be lower if you are buying a used or refurbished iPad, or if you are taking advantage of any special offers or deals.

How much does a Apple iPad cost in Bangladesh?

An Apple iPad costs around 44,000 Bangladeshi Taka (BDT), which is roughly equivalent to $530 USD. The price of the iPad may vary depending on the model and storage capacity. For example, the entry-level iPad mini with 16GB of storage space costs around 37,000 BDT, while the top-of-the-line iPad Pro with 512GB of storage space costs around 1,06,000 BDT.

What is the price of iPad 8 in Bangladesh?

iPad 8 is the most recent addition to Apple’s line of tablets. As of October 2020, the price of iPad 8 in Bangladesh is BDT 53,500. This is for the 64GB Wi-Fi model.

The 128GB and 256GB models cost BDT 59,500 and BDT 65,500 respectively. The cellular models cost an additional BDT 5,000. iPad 8 is available in three colors: space gray, silver, and gold.

iPad 8 is powered by Apple’s A12 Bionic chip and has a 64-bit architecture. It has an 8-megapixel rear camera and a 1.2-megapixel front camera. The tablet has a Retina display with a resolution of 2,160×1,620 pixels.

iPad 8 is compatible with the Apple Pencil (1st generation) and the Smart Keyboard. It also has Touch ID and support for the Apple Pay service. The battery life of iPad 8 is up to 10 hours of web surfing, watching videos, or listening to music.

With the built-in LTE support, you can stay connected even when you’re away from Wi-Fi. If you’re looking for a powerful and portable tablet, iPad 8 is a great option. It has all the features you need, and the price is very reasonable.

Which is the best iPad for students?

There is no one “best” iPad for students. It depends on the individual student’s needs and budget. Some students may prefer a smaller iPad mini, while others may prefer the larger iPad Pro.

Some students may need a cellular data plan for their iPad, while others may be fine with just Wi-Fi. The iPad Air is a good middle-of-the-road option for students. It has a larger screen than the iPad mini, but is still relatively portable.

It also has a good selection of apps and is compatible with the Apple Pencil. If you are looking for the most affordable option, the iPad mini is a good choice. It is small and lightweight, making it easy to carry around.

It also has a long battery life. If you need an iPad with a lot of storage, the iPad Pro is a good option. It comes in two sizes, 11-inch and 12.9-inch.

It also has a powerful processor and a retina display. No matter which iPad you choose, you will have access to a wide variety of apps that can help you with your studies. There are apps for taking notes, keeping track of assignments, and even studying for exams.

i pad price in Bangladesh

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Ipad price in bangladesh 2022

Apple iPad Prices in Bangladesh iPad mini Price: Tk.

35,500 iPad Price: Tk.

43,500 iPad Air Price: Tk.

51,500 iPad Pro Price: Tk.

Ipad mini 5 price in bangladesh

The iPad Mini 5 is the newest addition to the iPad Mini lineup. It was released in 2019 and features a 7.9-inch Retina display, A12 Bionic chip, Touch ID, and support for Apple Pencil. The starting price for the iPad Mini 5 in Bangladesh is BDT 42,500.

I pad pro price in bangladesh

The iPad Pro is a powerful and versatile device that can be used for a variety of tasks. It’s perfect for students and professionals who need a portable device that can handle demanding applications. The iPad Pro is also great for casual users who want a large screen and the ability to use apps and accessories that are designed for the iPad.

The iPad Pro is available in two sizes, the 12.9-inch and the 9.7-inch. The 12.9-inch model is the largest and most powerful iPad Pro. It has a 2732 x 2048 pixel resolution display, a A10X Fusion chip with 64-bit architecture, and 4GB of RAM.

The 9.7-inch model is a more affordable option that still offers a great experience. It has a 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution display, an A9 chip with 64-bit architecture, and 2GB of RAM. Both iPad Pro models come with iOS 11 pre-installed.

This latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system offers a variety of new features and improvements. One of the most notable new additions is the Files app. This provides a central location for all of your files, whether they’re stored on your device, in the cloud, or on a server.


The iPad is a popular tablet device that is manufactured by Apple. It runs on the iOS operating system and offers a variety of features that are beneficial for users. The iPad is available in a variety of different models, each with different specs and features.

The price of the iPad varies depending on the model that is purchased. In Bangladesh, the prices of the iPad start at aroundBDT 35,000 and can go up to BDT 80,000.

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