Dhaka University DU B Unit Results 2022 / Kha Unit Result 2022

Dhaka University DU B Unit Results 2022 will be published. The excitement between B unit exam candidates is high for the DU admission Kha unit results. You are an applicant for Dhaka University Admission, and you want to obtain DU – B unit exam result. Yes! You can find your Arts subject B Unit results with detailed marks here.

Dhaka University usually publishes the results of admission tests within two to three working days. Due to the fact that there is a written exam and MCQ, it may take longer to publish the results. Many candidates are looking online for the B/ Kha Varsity admission results. We can help you with this matter.

This article will provide all the information you need about Dhaka University’s (DU) B-unit result 2022. First, we will discuss the date of publication. The second is information about the B unit exam 2022. The third and most important topic is how you can get DU B-unit result. You will also find information about subject-specific result requirements. Read the full article to find out more about DU B or Kha unit result.

Dhaka University B Unit Exam

For Humanities students studying in Bangladesh, B unit admission is a dream. Every admission student from Arts wants to be admitted to Kha unit at Dhaka University. Before they are admitted, they must pass a test. The total number of seats in the B unit or Arts Faculty is 2,378. A total of 1,45,013 candidates took the Dhaka University B and KHA unit exams this year. The competition is 19 to get a seat. As every year, a test was taken to assess the unit. This year’s innovation is that both the written and MCQ tests were taken. The Dhaka University B-unit tests were administered in Bangla, English and General Knowledge.

DUB unit exam 2022 at glance

Exam Held04 June 2022, 11 AM-12.30 AM
Exam SubjectsBangla, English, and GK
Marks75 marks for MCQ, 45 marks for the written exam80 marks for SSC & HSC results
Result PublishFor the complete article, click here

In case you need our assistance, we shared the solution to the exam question. You might also like to view all DUB unit question solutions 2022.

Dhaka University (DU), B or KHA Unit Result Publish Date

Admission test for B-unit Arts faculty was held on 02/10. Dhaka University generally publishes the admission test results within 8-15 days of including the written portion. The results were usually published within two to three days in previous years. All candidates interested in knowing the B unit result publish date will find out the 1st of November. We will keep you updated if we receive any information about the DU b-unit result.

DUB or Kha Unit Result Date

Answer: 08 June 2022

DU B Unit Result 2022

You can track correct and incorrect answers in the specialty of Dhaka University admissions test results. Only MCQ details marks are available for DU B unit results. You can only see the written exam marks, and not question-wise marks. The DU authority is well-versed in how results are presented. You want your Dhaka Varsity (B) unit result. You need to learn how to check your Dhaka University B-unit result. We will show you how to check your DU B-unit result online or via SMS.

Online method to obtain DU B/KHA Unit Result

Dhaka University DU publishes the B unit results on their web app. Candidates can view their scores via applicant login. All applicants who applied for admission have their information kept private on the DU website. Log in with your HSC Roll, Passing Year, and SSC Roll to view all of your information. After logging in, you’ll see the B unit result option. The result option will appear after the published result.

How do I check the Dhaka Varsity (B) unit result?

  • To see the results, click the link below and log in with your details.

  • Next, enter your HSC and SSC rolls, then select your Board, and click the “Dhakhil Koun” button.
  • After publishing the result, you will see “Folafol”, along with your B unit details, on DU’s site.
  • That’s it. This is how you can see the resulting DU B or Kha units.

SMS Method to Get a B Unit Result in 2022

All B unit candidates have the good news that you can all check your KHA unit results via SMS. You will need to send an SMS with a format to the 16321 number.

Subject-Wide Result Requirements for Admission to B Unit

Candidates must meet certain requirements in order to be admitted at Dhaka University. Each department will have different requirements in order to be eligible for a choice list. This is why you need to be familiar with all details.

B Unit Admission Result Details 1
Image source: newresultbd
B Unit Admission Result Details 2

The pass mark is necessary to fill out the final form. The pass mark is 48 out of 120 exam marks. However, DU requires minimum scores for many subjects. We have attached the details below as an image.

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